What is PE, PU or EVA foam?

There are 3 types of foam that can be used for packaging and protection.

PU foam, or polyurethane foam, is an open-cell foam that is soft, flexible, and provides excellent shock absorption. It is often used in furniture, bedding, and automotive applications, as well as for insulation and cushioning. We typically use this foam for Pick&Pluck, Stock foam or just as the interior top lid cover. 

PE foam, or polyethylene foam, is a closed-cell foam that is lightweight, durable, and resistant to moisture, chemicals, and temperature changes. It is commonly used for packaging, insulation, and cushioning applications. This foam does not provide you with a color choice and is the less expensive version.

EVA foam, or ethylene-vinyl acetate foam, is a closed-cell foam that is soft, flexible, and offers the best impact resistance. It is commonly used in sports equipment, such as helmets and padding, as well as for shoe insoles, yoga mats, and other cushioning applications. EVA foam is also available in a variety of densities and colors.

Cross-Linked vs. Ethafoam

Is EVA Foam better than the other types and why?

Yes, there are several advantages to using EVA foam for foam inserts.

  • EVA foam is known for its exceptional shock absorption, which makes it an ideal material for protecting delicate or sensitive equipment.
  • Its closed-cell structure also provides good insulation and water resistance, further protecting your equipment from damage.
  • Additionally, EVA foam is lightweight, easy to work with, and can be easily customized to fit the specific needs of your equipment.
  • It is also available in a range of densities and colors, making it a versatile choice for foam inserts.
Overall, EVA foam is an excellent option for foam inserts, particularly for applications where impact resistance and protection are a top priority.



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