Why Custom Foam?

The Peace of Mind

Custom foam interiors support all surface areas of your gear kit individually, keeping it safe and snug during transport. Nothing shifts, rattles or scratches. In case of impact, the foam decelerates the equipment thanks to its high shock-absorbing properties. The hard case may show damage but your sensitive gear will remain intact and the foam will immediately recover its original shape. 

Cross-Linked vs. Ethafoam

We use polyethylene foam (FE) which is the most versatile and resilient type of foam in packaging. Its benefits include:

  • Outstanding water, mold and thermal resistance: Whether you are working in 40 degree or -50 weather conditions or caught in a thunderstorm, your equipment will remain comfortably oblivious to it all. 
  • Shock-absorbance: The foam fully absorbs all impact aimed at you gear.
  • Electric Insulating material:  Static electricity has no chance of messing with your electronics' micro-components.

Additionally, our foam reflects your equipment's quality and proper care through sophisticated design and organization. Our colorful laminating sheets allow you to label and engrave logos, while simultaneously prolonging the life of the foam.