Customization Process

 1. Choose Your Case

Bring your own case or purchase one directly from us. 

Select from our wide variety and range of professional-grade plastic or laminate cases that ensure the ultimate protection and lifetime warranty. Choose your case model based on your priorities and layout. Our team may also assist with the right case selection based on your equipment and design. 

If you already have a case, please indicate the make and model. 

2. Measurements

Foama will need to create or collect accurate measurements of your equipment. 

Submit your measurements following our guide below. It’s important that your blueprint, sketch or photo is precisely marked and accounts for every angle and perspective of each piece of equipment. The measurements must be accurately written down alongside the edges of the items. Just follow our simple guide below!

If you can stop by our office in Toronto, then even better because we’ll scan your gear in less than 20 minutes ensuring both precision and accuracy. However if we’re out of reach and you’re worried about measuring yourself, simply inquire if your item is already in our scan-catalog. 

3. Layout and Aesthetics

Your workflow layout is of utmost priority to us! If you have a particular idea or preference in mind, let us know by sketching it out or provide a very detailed description so that we can help sketch it for you. 

You can also collaborate one-on-one with our industrial designers, who can work off of your ideas and provide exciting suggestions. Or if you prefer, leave it entirely up to us! 

Simply choose the design, colour scheme and the label text for your interchangeable magnetic tabs.

4. Review & Approve

Our industrial designers will illustrate a high-res 3D drawing of your layout within the case for you to evaluate. During this phase, you’ll either approve or request modifications. Some back and forth tweaking may be required to ensure your full satisfaction. 

Once you are satisfied with your design and your label text for the tabs, you’ll sign the drawing for approval and we’ll immediately start production! 

Note: An additional fee may apply to intricate and uncommon designs. 

5. Production

Our team will import the data into our CNC machines, which will then drill, carve, shape and polish the Polyethylene foam to perfection. After completion, the layout will go through quality control in order to proceed to final assembly.

6. Assembly

All the parts come together in this phase: case, foam and protective sheet. Depending on your requirements, the foam can either be glued to the case or fitted loose.

Note: Foama is currently in development for a replacement program for when you upgrade your gear — stay tuned for more news! But by leaving it loose, though certainly flush and secure, you can take out the foam and replace it without having to change cases.


We look forward to collaborating on bringing your one-of-a-kind dream designs to life!