Our Backstory

Foama was created as an answer to a struggle: truly customizable foam that’s just easy and efficient! Our founder owns a motion picture film & digital cinema rental house, and has always felt like the foam on the market was missing something. Customization always felt so difficult, and to be frank not quite so custom... And that’s when Foama was born! 

At rental houses, cases are a true testimony of the equipments life span. Gear is floating in and out of the facility through various conditions and travelling to different places in the world through various means of transportation. The fast wear and tear of lower-grade foam compromises protection and organization; often leading to both cosmetic and internal issues to expensive equipment. Similarly, defective waterproof seals contribute to equipment suffering from moisture and water damage. After experiencing such issues and hearing clients concerns first-hand, we were determined to design a line of hard-foam cases that offer its users a full piece of mind. 

Our immense experience protecting expensive film gear gave us both the confidence and expertise to expand to other industries with alike needs. We assure protection for all types of sensitive equipment — literally anything that is in need of protecting! Our top of the line 3D scanner allows us to create measurements to the micrometer, thus we’re virtual able to create scans and layouts of anything. The beauty of customization is that any tool can be transported safely no matter the size, shape, criteria and fragility of the item. 

It’s our honour to design the perfect armour for the tools of your craft!