Design Your Armour.

Custom foam that absorbs all impact force and protects your sensitive equipment.

Our mission is to elevate the purposeful work of industry professionals by protecting, displaying and honoring the tools of their craft.


Highest Grade, Non-Toxic Polyethylene Foam

Rest assured that your gear will remain intact from storage to transportation, whether from day-to-day or trekking through rocky terrains.

3D Scanner

Foama scans and catalogues to the micrometer so the result will be a perfect fit.

Customize Your Layout

Create your dream layout that protects your sensitive equipment and fits your aesthetic needs.

Interchangeable Magnetic Tabs

Take the guessing out of packing with our fully customizable magnetic labels that make it easy to interchange or grow your kit. Just attach and detach.

Wide Color Range

Stand out with a colourful design that represents your personal style.

Competitive Pricing

More value for less so you can keep investing in your equipment. We also offer discounts for bulk orders!

"Thanks to Foama I’ve never felt more comfortable transporting my equipment."

Brandon Reitsma - Camera Tech

"I'm considering buying a camera just so I can put it in a Foama case, they're that awesome!"

Lea G.

"Not only does Foama have great design and great client services; their inserts offer high protection for my equipment, and they were very helpful customizing it to my liking.”

Shakithyan Niranjan - Street Shadow Entertainment

"I have never seen such high quality customer service and attention to detail in protective casing equipment"

Nathan D. - Producer
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As a proud partner of Nanuk Canada, we offer cases with Foama inserts, or just by themselves. Check out the sizes!

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